miƩrcoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Its a long time

yeah its a long time i did an update but this time its a good news. all TWF members are ready to start working again in Darkmoon. well this time i finally finish the wad with textures from the doom3, so only need the Decorate part and sounds, i hope wyder have a little samples for the new music for darkmoon. in other way now im the one who is busy with the school so i dont continue the work i did it in map01 but well i have new screens for the new pack of textures for darkmoon. and well testing some dinamyc lights.

One of the new doors made by urric.

a long corridor

one door and 2 crates made by urric

a look of the outside.

dark abyss.

one of the new swicht made by urric.

long corridor again :D

outside of the base.

Note: i know this map not its the map01 from darkmoon actually. its only a map i use for test some of the new textures and how they look with the dinamyc lights in a dark ambient.

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

Bad News

yeah, another slowdown in the progress of darkmoon, 2 members of the team have a little problem with their Internet connection so i cant receive the new updates that phobos its making to the wad (in the decorate part) but this weekend im going to add new texure by the part of urric and other ones for the wad and doing some little test too.

after that im going to finish map 01.

viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

still working...

Were still working in darkmoon, this time im bring some screenshots from the map01 (this time are the outdoors part of the map) actually we still testing some things with the wad and adding some new texture made by urric. but in these screens dont have the new textures made by him. maybe in the next ones :P

viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2008

from the old version to the new one

all this time we have working in darkmoon, map01 is the one what have more changes (3 times) so i going to put some of these changes since we start working in darkmoon:

MAP 1: Darkmoon 2005

Map01: darkmoon 2007

Map01: Darkmoon 2009
well maybe the most significant change are the third one with some of the 3dfloors from gzdoom. when we start working in darkmoon we think make it for zdoom but its very difficult work without 3dfloor (most time we need some 3dfloors in certain parts) so... bye bye zdoom and hi Gzdoom for darkmoon... enjoy the pics ;)

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008


well really one of the thing that made cool doom in the old days was the outdoor what have all maps from the ep1 of ultimate. well all doom wad have those cool outdoors. doom 3 have a few parts where we can appreciate the surface of mars... well were going to change that...

look my pics i take in deimos!

Nuevas Screens de darkmoon. estas screen son las que deberian estar en WIP (wads in progress) por alguna razon la web no se actualiza (vamos que 1 mes lo creo que se tardarian, pero ya va para mas de 1 mes)

a new screens from darkmoon, some of one are in Wads In Progress but for a rare reason we cant update the Wad. well anyways here a two screens.

"its Mars we see in the sky??"

"a view from the outdoor"

Darkmoon "retelling the events of Deimos"

"Welcome to Deimos"

this its a small image from the new darkmoon. maybe in the final version can have some changes (maybe new details and some textures).

A Retelling of the events of "The shores of the hell" From the original doom, using doom 3 ambience and classic doom gameplay to create the deimos base from the portal incident to the end at the tower of babel. (not a remake from the EP2 of ultimate)

Darkmoon has some new features using decorate:
-Tweaked monsters (imps can jump,Zombies can strafe,Archviles summon imps,etc)
-New Monsters
-Doom 3 Weapons
-About 20+ Maps
Plus some more features